crowd at bar watching football game on overhead tvs

A Neighborhood Bar

A nickname and a number is where it all began.

In 2004, Michael Miodus, AKA Odis, decided to take his nickname and his childhood sports number and combine them to start a neighborhood bar. The idea being, a great place where food and fun would meet up and bring people together. In the beginning, he would work day and night, sleeping between daytime food orders. The bar grew, but the reputation for great food grew more.

basket of wings with carrots and celery

The Wings Tasted Great...

but it's the fun atmosphere and sense of humor that started the craze that Odis 12 would become. Entry into the local wing contest is where things got creative and it was the start of what would become 150 wing flavors on the menu. Little ideas like "The Ugly Cousin" and "The Girl Next Door" gave personality to the great tasting wings and Odis grew … and grew… so did the menu … so did the crowds. Year after year, the award winning wings kept pushing the restaurant in new directions. As the great tasting food and family atmosphere started to take over the bar, Odis found a new location and that was all it took. Odis 12 became the crowd favorite for food, fun and sports!

indoor seating area

Creating the Dream

Odis was able to bring his dream of owning a bar, serving great food and creating a sports mecca where family and friends could enjoy time together in a fun atmosphere! Giving back to the town he grew up in and supporting the sports he felt were the best times and most character building pieces in his life is a dream realized.